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TCK coaching:

*Third Culture Kids

The relatively new term “Third Culture Kids” (TCK) is used to define the expat children raised outside of their parents’ country of origin, or their own native land.

You can have TC kids, or be the one.


You will get the information, impact and challenges overview,

advises and personal tips.

Contact me for a session

Discovery session:


The session is designed to explore your values, passion and blocking points. Together we will understand what is important for you and how to nurture and develop yourself in your chosen particular sphere or situation of your life.

Duration- 2 hours

Life coaching:


Are you stuck in making a decision?

Or what step to make?

Don't know which path to choose or what comes next?

Let's work on it and see what awaits you.

Duration: 1 hour

New-to-be Package:


New in the country? New parent? New job? It takes courage to establish yourself in new circumstances or surrounding. Let me help you to go through the change. This package is for people in a transition phase and need a clarity to find new coordinates in life. 

Duration: 3 session/1 hour

Integration consulting:

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This session helps to make your integration easier, so you feel yourself more at home. It helps to find your new emotional coordinates in new place, new city or country. It will make the adaptation of your routines and daily life easier, keeping your habits and your personality solid.

Duration - 1 hour.

Contact me to book a session

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